Back Issues

Between February 2000 and August 2001, we somehow managed to cobble together enough articles, stories, letters, jokes, cartoons and even player interviews to publish six issues of the BH fanzine. We then made a very brief comeback with a seventh and final issue in October 2005.

Most of the copies we printed found their way into the hands of Saints fans through one route or another. The leftovers have been sitting in a cardboard box for … *checks notes* … around 20 years. (We’ll level with you – most of the staples have gone a bit rusty. But other than that they’re all in surprisingly good condition).

If any Saints fans or fanzine collectors out there would like us to send them some issues to complete (or start) their collection, just bung us a message on our contact page or Twitter. We’re happy to give these away for free (while stocks last) and will only ask that you send us a stamped addressed envelope so that we don’t have to pay for the postage and packaging.

Please note: issues 2 and 6 are now sold out.